Dave Stanley has delivered a wide range of sustainability projects producing innovative integrated solutions. The aim is to support organisations in making decisions that genuinely cut costs, reduce energy use and are resource efficient, enhance competitiveness and well being. I have developed simple effective tools that are applicable to most organisations.
The approach is to primarily focus on the potential for organisations to achieve significant economic and environmental gains through reductions in energy and improvements in resource use efficiency by working with natural systems, rather than exploiting and degrading them. This approach is particularly apparent when tackling energy, resource use, land management, food and fibre related issues.

Dave will match his approach and support to your needs

·       Conferences, seminars, management and staff briefings

·       Policy/strategy appraisals & development

·       Review/Audit management systems for energy & resource use efficiency opportunities

·       Briefing top management, threats, opportunities & benefits

·       Workshops on specifying for performance

·       Producing tailored training packages for all levels

Clients range from Cabinet Office, Defra, Department for Transport, Local Authorities, M&S, Prudential Property, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), ETI, SMEs, NGOs.etc

I will be pleased to discuss you requirements, explore options and give you a no obligation quote, so contact me for more information.

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12 Questions on Energy & Climate Change You Should Know The Answers To

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The briefings constructed and led by:-
Dave Stanley
Director – e3.
Fellow Institute Environmental Management and Assessment.
Chartered Environmentalist. Certified Environmental Auditor.

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