Are you confident that you are future proofing your organisation for the challenges it faces?

Energy – can you afford NOT to understand the challenges of energy use and opportunities for efficiency?

Can you afford not to make savings??? The current focus of environmental management is typically on “pollution prevention”, waste management, recycling and legal compliance. All of these issues are necessary to comply with the law/regulations, and keep you out of court. They are the unavoidable minimum and the absolute bottom line for ISO14001 – and achieving them can be costly. It is not unusual, therefore, for CEOs and Directors to perceive that environmental management is a distraction from organisational core activities, and yet another expense – and money is now very tight.

My approach is to consider…

the critical threats to your organisation’s ongoing performance from energy and resource availability, Climate Change, biodiversity loss etc – and then consider the real opportunities to deliver:

  • wins – organisational competitiveness
  • wins – energy saving and resource efficiency
  • wins – increased future security
  • wins – procuring goods and services for performance
  • wins – from enhanced environmental credibility
  • By gaining a sound overview of the fundamental issues behind the challenges, you will be better placed to understand which options are realistic and affordable, and which are pie in the sky gleams in a technocrats eye. Save the management time that many put into “green wash” – put it into performance improvement instead!

    12 Questions on Energy & Climate Change You Should Know The Answers To

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    The briefings constructed and led by:-
    Dave Stanley
    Director – e3.
    Fellow Institute Environmental Management and Assessment.
    Chartered Environmentalist. Certified Environmental Auditor.

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