Energy and Transport, saving 50% today

How to save 50% transport energy right now. Looks at all 4 modes cars, trains, boats & planes. To ease the issue of comparing performance and hopefully understanding – I have recalculated all UK data for transport energy use, vehicle performance and converted all the different measures/units to mpg.

This briefing follows from “Energy & Climate Change understanding the global drivers” and reviews the use and management of all four transport modes . Road, Trains, Boats and Planes + infrastructure issues are then compared and reviewed.
Each mode is assessed for the opportunities for performance improvement at the management, organizational, and personal level (where relevant!) to deliver a 50% saving in energy and hence costs. Specific measures are identified.
There is a bit of basic physics and some number crunching. There are insights and facts here for everyone with an interest in being more efficient, saving money, and better informed on transport issues.
Included is a fuel efficient approach into Heathrow from the cockpit of a Boeing777.
Policymakers, managers and individuals are challenged over how we use transport. The options, whether you agree or not, should challenge the thinking of you and your organization to consider the opportunities to deliver savings of 50% + a potential cultural shift that should enhance organizational competitiveness!
Again, there is a lot to debate and discuss on transport.
Duration 63 mins.
Big topic — the briefing is readily split into two parts, that largely reflect the energy use, to
Part 1 — Introduction, laws of motion, comparison of transport modes, efficiency – or rather lack of it and reasons, and Road vehicles – how to crack it.
Part 2 at 32 mins –
Transport Infrastructure at 38 mins
Maritime Boats at 42 mins
Aviation Planes at 45 mins
Conclusion & Management Action at 60 mins

12 Questions on Energy & Climate Change You Should Know The Answers To

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The briefings constructed and led by:-
Dave Stanley
Director – e3.
Fellow Institute Environmental Management and Assessment.
Chartered Environmentalist. Certified Environmental Auditor.

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