Are you confident that you are future proofing your organisation for the challenges it faces??


·  To provide a series of video briefs on  the fundamentals of sustainability and the key economic activities, and how they relate to your organisation.
·  To include the objective of delivering 50% savings tomorrow for each brief relating to an economic activity.
·  “tochallengethethinking” on the prevailing approach to environmental management and sustainability in all briefs.

    The briefs will be targeted at:

    ·  CEOs, Directors, senior managers of all organisations, and also
    ·  Environmental managers and
    ·  Individuals with enquiring minds

      who suspect there might just  be a smarter way of managing their organisation that is:

      ·  More effective
      ·  More energy efficient
      ·  More competitive

        but also

        ·  More sustainable.

          The current focus of environmental management is typically on “pollution prevention”, waste management, recycling and legal compliance.  All of these issues are necessary to comply with the law/regulations, and keep you out of court.  They are the unavoidable minimum and the absolute bottom line for ISO14001 – and achieving them can be costly.  It is not unusual, therefore, for CEOs and Directors  to perceive that environmental management is a distraction from  organisational core activities, and yet another expense  – and money is now very tight……..

          BENEFITS Our approach will be to consider the critical threats to your organisation’s ongoing performance – and the real opportunities to deliver:
          ·        wins – organisational competitiveness
          ·        wins – energy saving and resource efficiency
          ·        wins – increased future security
          ·        wins  – procuring goods and services for performance
          ·        wins – from enhanced environmental credibility.

          CHALLENGE The briefs will challenge THE thinking and also YOUR thinking on sustainability.  You will be enabled to also challenge the thinking down the line of your organisation to then ask the killer questions:
          “Have we considered XXXX??    If not why not??”

          RETURNS For the investment of  your valuable time, and the trivial cost of the briefs, the payback to your organisation will be a thousandfold plus !!!.
          Ohh yes….??
          Well, to minimise the risk of you wasting your time – you are invited to challenge your thinking by answering twelve questions that, with over 40 years of experience in energy management and 20 years  in sustainability, I have put together:

          Energy, Climate Change  and Global Warming


          This is followed by me briefing the summary answers in a free video.                               (Total time Q & A – around 20 minutes.)
          If you then feel that you were not challenged – all credit to you and your organisation’s good fortune.
          If you feel that you would like to understand more – then I will be pleased to work through the briefs together.

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